Running the Program

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The installation will add a new group called 'HIPAAsuite' under your Start --> Programs listing.  When you click on the HIPAAsuite listing a sub listing called Eligibility Responder will show. Click on it and the program will start.


The first thing you will see is the splash screen that indicated you are operating the HIPAA Eligibility Responder in trial mode. Note the Registration number in the lower left corner.  This number is needed to create the unlock code for the unlimited use of the product. Hint: You can right-click the registration number and copy it to the clip board.  This will avoid typos when you send the number to HIPAAsuite for the unlock code creation.



Once you click on 'Try' or when the software is licensed, immediately the main screen shows


The main screen of the HIPAA Eligibility Responder


When the program starts up it checks automatically at HIPAAsuite's web site if an update is available. If it finds an update you will be offered to download and install this update.


The menu bar on top gives you access to all the functionality of the software.