Returning the Minimum Information

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According to the implementation guide it is acceptable to just return whether a subscriber is eligible for benefits at the time of the request or not.

If this is all you want to return to the requester, click on the 'Quick Response' button.


You will see the Response: Minimum Response screen:


The HIPAA Minimum Response screen


Dates are optional in the Quick Response Mode


Here you can choose from a variety of different date types from the drop down menu and select the date as well.

Date types that you can choose from are:

193 Period Start

194 Period End

198 Completion

290 Coordination of Benefits

292 Benefit

295 Primary Care Provider

304 Latest Visit or Consultation

307 Eligibility

318 Added

348 Benefit Begin

349 Benefit End

356 Eligibility Begin

357 Eligibility End

435 Admission

472 Service

636 Date of Last Update


Once you are done, click the 'Done' button and return to the detailed request screen.

You can now save your eligibility information.