IconThe Eligibility transaction
IconThe HIPAA Eligibility Responder
IconRequirements and Versions
IconObtaining the Software
IconInstalling the Software
IconSoftware Trial
IconCode Sets
IconCompany Setup
IconApplication Setup
IconThe EDI File Editor
IconUsing the Software
IconRunning the Program
IconOpening an EDI File
IconAnswering an individual Request
IconReturning the Minimum Information
IconRejecting a Request
IconCreating a Full Response
IconEligibility and Benefit Information
IconDelivery Specific Infomation
IconAdding Entity Information
IconMilitary Personell Information
IconCreating the Response file
IconMoving the Processed File
IconViewing the Response
IconDatabase Interaction
IconDatabase Setup
IconField selection
IconRenaming Fields
IconField Errors
IconExporting Eligibility Requests
IconDatabase Errors
IconExported Requests
IconCreating Responses from the database
IconCreating Tables
IconAutomatic Responses
IconAutomatic Responses
IconIssue Tracking
IconReporting an issue

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