Transaction Code Sets

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EDI relies on transaction code sets.  These codes represent longer explanations and descriptions.  At the onset of EDI one of the main design ideas was to make the EDI files as short as possible and to allow different languages to use the same descriptions by reducing long verbose explanations to 2-3 byte long codes. Computer storage was incredibly expensive and making any file larger than it absolutely had to be was considered wasteful.


The main menu of the HIPAA Eligibility Responder has the item 'Code Sets'. Click on it and sub menus will lead you to the individual code sets that the Eligibility Responder uses. The code sets are stored in the file codesets.xml in the 'Configuration' subdirectory of the Program Data section of the HIPAA Eligibility Responder, usually C:\Program Data\HIPAAsuite\HIPAAEligibilityResponder\Configuration\Codesets.xml




The Transaction code sets




The code set editor


You can add, delete or edit codes.


To Add you type into the last row, and you see the grid change first into selected mode and when you click it again you are in edit mode. Now write your text. Note: Only after you leave this row will the changes takeSelectMode

click into the last row and the cell is high-lighted




Click again and you are in edit mode. See the little pencil symbol


To delete, click into the margin and high-light a row. Now press the delete key on your key board


Highlighting a row by clicking into the left margin


To edit, click into the cell that you want to change and make your changes. clicking or moving outside this cell makes the changes 'stick'



Don't forget to Save your changes by pressing the 'Save' button.