Adding Entity Information

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The 271 transaction set has a provision to add so called 'entity' information to the response.  Entities could be

Primary Care Physician
Another Payer
A legal Representative

and a few others.


Required when provider was identified by Identification Number (not Taxonomy Code) in the 270 Inquiry and was used in the determination of the eligibility or benefit response;


Required when needed to identify an entity associated with the eligibility or benefits being identified in the 2110D loop such as a provider (e.g. primary care provider), an individual, an organization, another payer, or another information source;


If not required by this implementation guide, do not send.


The Response: Eligibility and Benefit Information screen has the 'Add Provider Info' button.  Click this to bring up the 'Response: Additional Entity Information screen



The Additional Entity Information screen


Adding the information does not need further explanation.