Creating Tables

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Creating Tables

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For your convenience, the HIPAA Premium Payment Master has a tool that allows you to create the database tables needed to complete the data export.

You can edit and save your database scripts to make them work for your specific database.

Before data export, you need to create the tables through SQL table statements. You can do it, using the built-in function of the HIPAA Premium Payment Master. Creating these tables is a quite intimidating task. Once you have your connection defined and tested, follow the instructions below.

Note: The tables are created via the "Drop Table" and "Create Table" commands. The scripts come from files distributed with the application. Please, contact HIPAAsuite if you need help with the database setup.

1.Select the Data Base arrow Table Creation in the main menu.
The "Table Creation" menu
2.The following window will be displayed.
The "Create SQL Tables" window
3.Define the following options:


Microsoft SQL Server



On the following tabs there are SQL scripts used to create the appropriate tables:

Payments Header
Payment Details

Tip: You can modify the scripts so that they run on your specific database and to conform to your database's specific SQL syntax. For each script, click "Save."

The "Save" button

For each script, click "Execute Script" to create the corresponding table in the database.

Warning: Executing the scripts will wipe out any previous tables that you created and you will loose all data.

The "Execute Script" button

Once the table has been created successfully, you will see the following notification:

The success message