Requesting a Trial Extension

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Requesting a Trial Extension

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The HIPAA Premium Payment Master comes with a free trial of 14 days. Once your trial period has expired, the application stops working. There are limitations to the trial version, for example, you can only export the first 50 records of EDI files, and only 5 files per directory processing. We are sorry to have to limit the experience, but we had instances where organizations used the software for production purposes without purchasing it.

We do not mind extending your trial if you need extra time to evaluate the software. You will only need to send us the registration number and we will gladly give you another 15 day trial. If your trial time has expired and you wish to continue your testing of the software, please send an email to with the Registration number and we will give you a trial extension.

If you need to continue your trial of the product, follow the instructions below.

1.Launch the application.
2.Click on the "Ask for Trial Extension" button on the displayed window.
The "Ask for Trial Extension" button
Tip: You can see the registration number in the lower left hand corner. This number is needed for the registration as well as trial extension. It is unique to your computer and hardware. You can hover over the registration number and copy it to the clipboard, so that you can easily paste it into the email. This avoids human error. (The letter "O" is never used, only zeros.) Hovering over the number will give you the following floating menu:
3.Clicking on the "Ask for Trial Extension" button will bring up the feature control window.
The "Features and Licenses" window
4.Select features you need and click on "Request Trial license."
5.An email to HIPAAsuite will be created. The message will contain the registration number so they can then create the extension key. For example, this will open Outlook with the following data inserted:
Subject: [HIPAA Premium Payment Master][123456789]: Request for Trial License Extension
Message: Volume ID: 123456789

The trial extension request email

6.The response from the support team should includes an activation key.
7.Once you have the activation/unlock key, click "Register" on the program welcome window.

The "Register" button
8.Paste the activation key into the field on the Registration Form and then click "Register."
Tip: The field is case sensitive. The best thing to do is to copy and paste the License Key from our email.

The "Registration Form" window with entered license key and highlighted "Register" button
9.The success message will appear in the "Result" border. You will see what components have been registered.
The license activation result
Click "Close."
10.Once the license key has been entered, click "Try" on the welcome window to continue using the program for another 14 days.
The "Try" button

Once the product is registered with a permanent unlock code, future upgrades will find this key and install without user action.