Configuring Program Options

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Configuring Program Options

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1.To configure the program options, select Setup arrow Application Setup in the main menu.
The "Application Setup" menu
Alternatively, you can click on the "Setup" button located on the main toolbar.
The "Setup" button
2.The following screen will appear.
The "Application Setup" window
You can configure the options:
Processed Files
Outbox Directory Path
Document Color

Read the detailed descriptions further.

3. Once you have finished editing the options, click "Save."


Processed Files

In order to prevent the duplicate processing of files, the HIPAA Premium Payment Master can move or delete files after they have been processed. Since the program can be launched by the Window's scheduler (see Running the Application via Scheduler ), it is important to either move or delete processed files, so that they will not be picked up again. You have the choice to either do nothing, move the processed files to a specific folder or delete the files:

Leave in Place — Select this option to do nothing with processed files.

Tip: This option is not recommended.

Move — Select this option to move the processed files to a specified folder.
Delete — Select this option to delete the processed files.


Outbox Directory Path

Define the destination folder where the result files will be stored.



Keep a log of every file processed - Determines whether the log entry should be created for each file processed. By default, the log is only active in command line use (without human interaction.) If you want a log entry created for each manual processing, except viewing on screen, place a check mark here. See also: Accessing Logs.



Never Check for Update — To check the HIPAA Premium Payment Master version update, uncheck the "Never Check for Update" check box. If the check box is unchecked, the application will automatically look for the new version available and a pop up window displayed. On selecting the new version, the application will get updated to the current version available. The lower right corner of the application window displays information including alerts on version updates.
The message on the bottom bar


Document Color

This section of the setup window is concerned with the output colors. You have the choice to render the form in red or in black. The form background can be set to red to make the form visually more appealing and to allow the use of a color filter for OCR software. The color can be selected for the following media:

Note: The data is always black.

On Screen — Choose a color for the form when displaying payments on screen.
On Paper — Choose a color for the form when printing payments.