Changing the Fieldnames

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You can rename the fields listed for selection. The long field names that the HIPAA Premium Payment Master uses for the data export might be too long for some databases. IBM AS400, Clipper and other legacy databases cannot work with overly long filenames.


For this reason you can change the filenames to any name that you wish, as long as there are no blank spaces in the name.


The HIPAA Claim Master lets you change the names of the columns that you select for export. All you have to do is

1.Click twice the field name. Do not double-click, but click slowly twice. You will see that the field name is now editable.
2.Change the name to your value and leave the field by clicking somewhere else
3.Your field name has now been changed
4.Don't forget to save the new settings




Selecting a field


Click again, do not double click on the label and you see that suddenly there is a frame around the name and the curser is placed at the end of the label. Now you can edit the label.



The field name in edit mode




The renamed field