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IconExplaining HIPAA Claims
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IconUsing Command Line Arguments (CLI)
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IconTroubleshooting Badly Formatted EDI File
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IconCreating the Image Index Table
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IconAbout EDI Exchange
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IconConfiguring EDI Exchange (Obligatory Settings)
Icon1 Setting up Database Connection
Icon2 Creating Database Tables
Icon3 Defining Auto-Processing Options
Icon4 Defining Communications Directory
Icon5 Initializing EDI Exchange
IconConfiguring EDI Exchange (Optional Settings)
IconSetting up Email Notifications
IconSetting up Incoming and Outgoing Files Options
IconRunning the Application via Scheduler
IconUsing the Command Line Arguments (CLI)
IconWorking with Trading Partners
IconSetting up Trading Partners
IconUsing Built-in FTP Client
IconCreating a Trading Partner Automatically
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IconListing SEF Files
IconCreating 835 EDI Files
IconSetting up Company
IconCreating Company Setup Table
IconCreating 834 EDI Files from the Attached Database
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IconReporting an Issue
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