Exporting the Data

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The HIPAA Claim Payment Master can export the data contained in a 835 Payment Advice to any ODBC aware database such as Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle, AS400, etc. The structure of the 835 transaction is quite nested and in order to truly export the data in a normalized manner it is necessary to create 6 different tables with the following relationships:


The relationship of the tabes involved in the 835 transaction

The data is written to the database once the "Run" button has been clicked and only if the "Data Import" checkbox is activated.

The "Data Import" check-box

The "Processing Results" window will display notification about data export.

The "Processing Results" window

The sequence of actions to setup the data export is the following:

Setting up Database Connection
Creating Tables
Viewing the Database Schema
Selecting Fields to Export
Browsing Exported Data