Program setup

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When you select the menu item 'Setup --> Program Setup' you will see the following screen:



The Setup screen


Here you can select important settings for the application.


Determine the handling of processed files. When you don't employ EDI Exchange you have the option to leave processed files in place, which is a bad idea since you could process files again and again. You can move the to an archive folder were the processed files we be stored or you can delete the files after processing. We recommend this only when you have secured originals of those files. With EDI Exchange enabled the file we be stored anyway in the trading partner's processed file folder.
The output directory.  That is the folder where response files will be created in.  This is very important. Again with EDI Exchange enabled the output folders are sorted by trading partner.
The next section gives you options about what to do with the original claim status request files.
oYou can Leave the files in place. We don't recommend this setting, it will only create confusion to have processed and unprocessed files in the same folder
oYou can move processed files to their own folder. Indicate in the next field where you want the processed files to move to
oYou can delete the files after you are done with them. We only recommend this setting if you have a copy of the original file somewhere
Log:The log usually only gets written to when the program runs unattended through the command line. Checking this option will create entries in the log file for all transactions except viewing on the screen.
Update: When the program starts, it goes out to HIPAAsuite's website and looks if a newer version is available. If so, it will pop-up a message listing the changes done between your release and the latest available. Some companies will not allow updates to a program without testing. In this case we recommend to check this option and have the program not look for updates.
Document Color: In the next section you can indicate your color choices for the display of printable forms of the response report. You can have everything in black and white or you can choose to have the form elements such as frames and borders in red to make the document easier to read.
Defaults: If you want to make your life easier when answering claim status requests, you can select one default value for your answer. For example you can choose A2: "Acknowledgement/Acceptance into adjudication system-The claim/encounter has been accepted into the adjudication system" as claim status category and 20:"Accepted for processing" as a claim status. Now when you click 'Save' in the response form without filling in any values for status and status category, those values will be filled in.