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The HIPAA Claim Status Responder comes with a free trial of 14 days.


Should your trial time expire and you wish to continue your testing of the software, please send an email to with the Registration number and we will give you a trial extension.


If the product is not registered and you start it, you will see first the trial screen.




The Trial Screen


You can see clearly the registration number in the lower left hand corner.




The Registration number


This number is needed for the registration as well as trial extension.  It is unique to your computer and hardware. You can copy the registration number to the clip board, just hover with the mouse over it, so that you can easily paste it into an email. This avoids human error. (There are no 'O', the letter in the number, only zeros!)



Copy the registration number to the Windows clip board by hovering over the it with the mouse


You can even generate an email to us with all the pertinent information as long as a mail application is installed on your computer. When you click "Ask for trail extension" the email client installed pops up with a new message. In this case Outlook.



Once you have received the license key from us you click on the 'Register' button and the license registration form comes.



Entering the registration information


Enter the License Key as supplied in our email. The best is to copy and paste the information from our email to avoid typos



After entering a trial key the software is trial is extended for another 15 days



Once the product is registered with a permanent unlock code, future upgrades will find this key and install without further action necessary.