Creating the Tables

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The HIPAA Claim Status Responder can create the tables needed to export data to the database. Once you have the connection to the database configured and tested you can go to the "Create SQL tables" screen by clicking the blue text that reads "You can create the tables through a separate screen"


Link to create tables in "Database and Connections" window.


or selecting the "Table Creation" option under the "Database" dropdown menu.


Clicking "Table Creation" leads to the Create SQL Tables window.


This is the "Create SQL Tables" window:


SQL scripts to create the Claim Status tables. Tabs separate the different tables.


What you see is the SQL scripts used to create the tables. The product comes with two versions, one for Microsoft SQL Server, the other for mySQL. If you have a different database you will have to manipulate the scripts until they work. You can change the scripts in this window and save them.

The Claim Status Source Header and Claim Status Source Details tables are unnecessary if you plan on using the Claim Master to answer Claim Status inquiries.



Source tables schema.


Using the Claim Master Tables

To use the Claim Master tables as a data source for your Claim Status information, some changes need to be made from the HIPAA Claim Master. The following instructions all apply to the HIPAA Claim Master.

Because the Claim Feedback fields are not necessary to operate the Claim Master by itself, they have been preceded by double hyphens ("--") and so are effectively ignored by the database engine.


"--" to write comments in SQL.


To add them to the Claim Master tables, remove the "--" characters preceding the Claim Feedback sections of the table creation scripts.


Removing the "--" characters means these lines are no longer comments. Their color changes to reflect this.


If the tables have already been created, click Save, then click Compare Script with existing Table. This will present you with the changes to be performed on your existing Claim Master tables. Click Execute Script to perform the changes. Do this for both the Claim Header and Claim Detail tables. No data will be overwritten or erased as these are new columns to be added.


Table changes prompt.


If the Claim Master tables have not yet been created, click Save, then click Execute Script. Do this for both the Claim Header and Claim Detail tables.

The Claim Master tables now have the requisite data fields to store all necessary Claim Status information to be used as a data source by the HIPAA Claim Status Responder.


CM tables schema.