You can process every file in an entire directory with the HIPAA Claim Master. This feature is very useful when processing through the Windows Scheduler. You can then have the HIPAA Claim Master process all the files in a certain directory and move them to a processed file directory in certain intervals.

Tip: The command line option can take a directory as input. The program decides whether the command line argument is either a file or a directory and processes accordingly.


Follow the instructions below to open a batch of EDI files located in one folder.

1.Make sure the "Output Mode" option is not "Screen." The Output mode defines the destination where the result file will be sent to.  It does not make sense to open every claim in a directory one by one, so the directory processing is limited to "Print," "Image File" and "Data Import" option. The output modes are described in Processing an Electronic Claim.
Note: You cannot display a batch of EDI files on screen in a preview window, it is possible only for one file. See Processing an Electronic Claim.
The "Output Mode" options
2.Go to File arrow Open Directory in the main menu.
The "Open Directory" menu


3.Browse for the folder containing EDI files. Click on that folder and then click "OK."
Note: Only claim files in "ANSI 837" format can be opened via the HIPAA Claim Master. The program will display an error message if you select a file in a different format.
The "Browse for Folder" popup
4.Click on the "Run" button to send all files from the folder to the destination.
Note: The pre-defined settings will be applied. See also: Configuring Program Options.
The "Run" buttons
You can see the current status at the bottom pane.
The Status pane
The file counter located at the bottom of the Info bar provides you the information about the processed files in real time.
The file counter at the bottom of the info bar
5.Once all files have been processed, the "Processing Results" popup will report the results of the operation.
The "Processing Results" window
6.The number of processed files and records is displayed in the "Counter" pane.
The "Counter" pane