Displaying and Printing Additional Information

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The X12 837 EDI file format allows for much more information than fits on a paper form. The creators of the 837 standard included many health care business scenarios besides only a professional or institutional environment. The 837 has segments for ambulance billing, Chiropractic care, home oxygen therapy, home health care, repricing information and a variety more. In addition the 837 has a much finer resolution to express complicated COB situations with several payers. The information in those segments is usually not displayed on the standard paper forms. For this reason the HIPAA Claim Master comes with additional pages that aim to display every possible piece of information that an 837 can contain.


The HIPAA Claim Master checks each claim for the existence of those special segments. You will see additional buttons in the claim view window to alert you of their existence. By clicking on "Addl" or "COB" the screens to display this information will show. Page through buttons will also show, if this information does not fit on one page.